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Course information

  1. 130 Credit Hours
  2. 9 Credit Hours of Practicum
  3. 12 Semesters Over 4 Years

Depending on the academic performance of the students, completion of graduation requirements may take more time.

Student Support Services

  • Student advising and counselling
  • Course wise consultation hours
  • TA support
  • Hands on practice in labs and fields
  • Career development training
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Grooming

Counselling & Guidance

  • The facilities of counseling and guidance are available to students under the leadership of qualified Clinical psychologist.
  • This service is provided under the Counselling and Guidance Center of IUBAT.

Academic Support Services

  • The services offered include a special academic course, reading and tutorial assistance, counseling, referral, educational and cultural activities.
  • To facilitate the transition to this new environment, the university offers a   required course under the label of Educational Planning.

Alumni and Placement Services

  • Alumni and graduates assistance regarding career planning and employment.
  • Assistance in placement to students in their final semester for practicum work in real life organizations
  • Assistance in placement to graduate students in securing career employment.


  • English debates on contemporary issues.


The BATHM program prepares students for executive career in managerial skill in the present day roaring attractive business of tourism and hospitality. There are career opportunities in areas like tour operators, international tourism development, air transport management, ground handling, tourism marketing and various other positions within tourism organizations. The products of this program are in sufficient demand in overseas countries. Bangladeshi residents in Great Britain run enough Hotels and Restaurants in Sylhet community. In UK they are running around ten thousand restaurants. They need trained manpower to run their business. They are likely to provide in service training or practicum training to IUBAT. BATHM students the present day tourism industry needs BATHM graduates for their better earning.


The BATHM program aims at developing a student’s intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate and balanced general education along with Tourism and Hospitality Management theoretical and practical training. The program links theory to practice and focuses on current areas such as sustainable tourism, and quality management issues for tourism.

The program appeals to those who are looking for a career in any branch of the travel and tourism industry.  This is a unique opportunity to equip one with international standard for Tourism and Hospitality Management. It helps to broaden the outlook of managerial skills in tourism, hospitality, international hotel, recreational resorts, restaurant, travel agencies etc. The products of BATHM enterprises running International, National business in Tourism and Hospitality. With the availability comfortable travel and transport tourism is an attractive business. Tourists want comfortable lodge, hospitality and security. BATHM provides unto date training for its students to run tourism and hospitality business efficiently.

Duration of Study

The minimum requirement for the BATHM degree is completion of 130  credit hours plus such courses recommended by the college after reviewing individual background and require 4 years to complete for a full time student.

It is possible to graduate earlier with additional course load. A semester is of 16 weeks duration, there are three semesters in a year and as such a full time student can complete the degree requirements earlier. However, most students take 4 years to complete the program.

Career & Placement Services

The Placement Office of the university provides the students and graduates assistance regarding career planning and employment.  This basically takes two forms viz. assistance in placement to students in their final semester for practicum work in real life organizations and assistance in placement to graduate students in securing career employment. Student placement takes the form of providing assistance to students in short listed organizations that may be available for practicum work, providing support for placement of practicum and then ensuring smooth attachment of the student in the organization for successful completion of the practicum work.

Assistance in career placement takes various forms of services ranging from on campus interviewing with the employers to resume referral to employers seeking graduates for employment.  Most services are available for current students, but seniors or graduates can also register with this office prior to their graduation for assistance in career placement.  The university offers a course on career planning and guidance in which the students are trained in resume writing and critiquing, job search techniques and interviewing skills.  This course prepares the student to plan and approach career exploration.  Besides, the placement office provides individualized counseling on a limited basis on preparing job applications.

BATHM Students

The BATHM program serves the needs of the bright young persons who have completed twelve years of education in high school and college and are looking for a career based education in Tourism and Hospitality Management or profession.

They come from varied educational backgrounds-arts, science, commerce, engineering etc. and from different educational system like HSC, Senior Cambridge, Professional Diploma, Alim, GED, etc.

These students have excellent academic record, high potential for success and strong motivation for achievement. They are a selected few out of many candidates carefully screened through a selection process.

Course Organization

The courses are divided into general education courses, business core courses, major area courses and elective courses. The general and core course titles are listed in the section on Courses and the titles of courses required for major are shown in the section on major departments. The titles of the elective courses can be found in Course Description section. Students are also required to take courses from humanities, social sciences and physical sciences.

The courses of the BATHM program are offered at four inter-related levels in different years of study. The freshman year courses broaden the general educational base of the student as well as acquaint him/her with basic languages of communication like English, Mathematics and Computer.

The sophomore year courses acquaint the student with the analytical tools and environment, and include courses like lodging, food and beverage management accounting, economics, statistics, business environment, etc.

The junior year courses provide for an in-depth study of the functions of tourism and hospitality operations economic, social, cultural, technological and global environment. Included here are courses on hospitality facilities operations, business and hospitality law, etc.

The final level courses offered in the senior year of the program include tour guiding, tourism industry, organizational leadership in tourism, resort and recreation management, international language, culinary theory and practice, hotel development and planning, food hygiene etc.