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IUBAT Tourism and Hospitality Management Society (ITHMS) was established in 2008 for the enhancement of the awareness of the growing importance of the tourism and hospitality industry to our society, nation and the world. The aims and objectives are to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry, in particular the tourism system and those dimensions of hospitality [skills, personal qualities and attitudes] that are valued by the industry; to develop the appropriate knowledge, values and skills that support the sustainable development of the industry; to develop the ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the subject to a wide range of contexts, and gain pre-employment experience in selected sectors of the industry; to acquire knowledge and pre-employment industrial experience to explore multiple pathways for further studies in post-secondary institutions and for career development in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The associated goals are to develop a range of technical, personal, interpersonal, organizational and generic skills that can be applied in various contexts, both within and beyond the workplaces of the tourism and hospitality industry. These include effective communication skills, customer service skills, information processing skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, etc and to apply appropriate knowledge and skills in a wide range of industry-related situations.

ITHMS is working for the welfare of the students of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. It arranges various activities throughout the year both inside and outside the campus.

As with the rest of the IUBAT community, ITHMS observed the 19th Foundation Day of IUBAT on the third week of January in 2010. On the occasion, ITHMS had its own stall on the IUBAT premise demonstrating different operational departments of a hotel i.e. front office, restaurant, etc. Take-away foods and drinks were also provided for students, faculty and staff members alike. ITHMS initiated a three-day film festival from 15-17 January, 2010 at the IUBAT Conference Room. Avatar, the Oscar winning movie of 2010 was among the other movies projected.

ITHMS organized a day-long Study Tour to the ancient ruins of Moinamoti on March 12, 2010.

ITHMS celebrated its 3rd Foundation Day on March 17, 2010. The Chair, College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, inaugurated the ceremony by cutting specially-prepared cake.

The new Executive Committee of ITHMS was declared in May 2010. The Chair of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, presided over the event.

Besides working for the students of BATHM, ITHMS also arranges and participates in various extra-curricular activities including sports. ITHMS also organizes food festivals, fruits festivals and other hospitality and tourism related activities.