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The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management encourages both students and teachers to conduct inclusive and extensive research to create knowledge in different fields including Tourism and Hospitality Management, Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Restaurant Management, Human Resource Management, Managerial Communication, Strategic Management, Food Hygiene and Nutrition, Organizational Behavior, Research Methodologies, Leisure and Culture, Risk and Time Management, Culture, Heritage and Entrepreneurship, Database Management and Hotel Software. As Bangladesh offers an emerging and prosperous market for the tourism graduates, there are opportunities for both the students and teachers to explore the above mentioned areas. Here, the students are trained by the accomplished and experienced faculty members. The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management provides professional, technical and research skills to its students. The faculties are encouraged and patronized to develop projects and provided with the required fund, guidance, and technical support in materializing the developed project proposals. The students under the department are also required to submit practicum report based on their field works in different restaurants. Moreover, the university provides opportunities in pursuing practical experience in international restaurants at home and abroad

Fund and Facilities

Research fund and facilities are provided by the IUBAT authority for functioning research activities. The authority always extends its support for all kinds of activities related to research in tourism and hospitality fields.

Fund Hunting

The specialized faculty members submit new projects to MAMRI that provides technical assistance and other facilities required to accomplish the submitted projects. Fund is available upon the acceptance and approval of the submitted project.

Dissemination of Research Findings

The faculties who conduct research work share their research findings across the whole community; the other faculties also provide feedback on the shared works. Such sharing and feedback culture enhances team work and enriches research knowledge in the respective fields.

Faculty Research

Mohammad Abu Horaira

Tourism in Kuakata: A Curbed Rareness in Global Village

Kuakata, locally called as ‘Sagor Konnya’ (Daughter of the Sea) is located in the southernmost tip of Bangladesh and is one of the most rare tourism destinations having the exceptional view of the rising and setting of the crimson sun in the water of the Bay of Bengal. Perhaps that makes Kuakata one of the world’s unique beaches. After reviewing the literature and different sources related to tourism, it is being found that there is very little attention given to Kuakata as an exclusive tourism destination. The paper is based on secondary data sources like-articles, journals, websites of the target tour operators and authorities. For the globalization of tourism, it is essential to provide background information about the destination to the international visitors and Bangladesh is far behind of it. The government, NTOs (National Tourism Organizations), local administration, owners of hotels and motels, private tour operators and travel agencies should work in an integrated approach which can create a positive impression about Kuakata in the tourists’ mind and feels free to visit and recommend others.

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Faculty Name

Fusion Cuisine: Innovations in Combining Elements of Different Culinary Traditions

We know the Cuisine is the characteristic style of cooking which reflects the culture, so we can introduce the Fusion Cuisine as an act of Chemistry. Different culture has its own style of cooking. One element of one cooking Art from one culinary tradition when mixes with another element of another traditional culinary art can result into new inventions. This research tries to focus on the innovations in combining different traditional cooking art and also various kinds of ingredients and spices which can create a new Cuisine of new taste. In order to determine this, the research tries to find out the reason why the Fusion Cuisine is compared with the chemistry, what is the reason behind it and how many ways and techniques can be invented behind the traditional culinary art to introduce it as an innovation. The research also explains and has come out with the findings to tell why Fusion Cuisine can be stated as New Inventions and in the menu how one category food item can be replaced by another type of item based on its preparation and production method. The total study tries to show also that we can not limit the scope of cooking art in only one area or in one culture or in one region, Culinary art actually can be a Global Adventurous Journey.

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Student's Research

Research Courses

The Department offers a number of courses those make the learners familiar with the research skills required to conduct research in Tourism and Hospitality Management fields. The courses include Research Methodology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Food Hygiene and Nutrition, Culture, Heritage and Entrepreneurship etc.

Research Initiatives

The department encourages the students to initiate researches in different areas both in narrow and wide scale. The worthy initiatives receive research grants.

Project Work/Submission

The department puts much emphasis on the development of maturity of knowledge acquired by the students. Learners are advised and guided to design and accomplish project work in different courses.


IUBAT Review

University level study requires much independent reading and research on the part of the student. The IUBAT

Research Monographs

Rich learning experiences that provide a broad liberal arts foundation and deep subject-area expertise

Conference Proceedings

The university places much emphasis on the development of maturity of knowledge acquired by the students